Wednesday, January 26

New for Spring... if it ever comes!

I have two famous friends!  Laura Gunn has her own fabric line and she Patti Pinkston have their own pattern line!  This is the Baker Street bag in the Poppy Patterns line!  Isn't it stinkin' cute!It was fun to make... and then I added a little clutch for my chapstick, lotions, and other odds and ends from this tutorial (I made mine a bit smaller). 

I'm using my bag as a purse, but I've seen others use it as a church bag for their kiddos' coloring books.  It's a great size for piano books too!

What would you use this bag for?  And did you look at Laura's fabrics?  I love the poppy collection!  Oh the possibilities there!!!  The question is what WOULDN'T I make with it!