Wednesday, March 31

Wordless Wednesday

(Energy efficient is the new sexy!)

Friday, March 26

Our First Award... I'm So Happy!

My amazing friend Debbie at Cranberry Fries awarded Shauna and I this! Debbie is such an amazing person, she's always willing to help out someone in need and she kicks my butt at Scene It!

The rules of the award are: List seven things about yourself. Link back to the person that gave you the award. Pass the award on to seven bloggers.

So... seven things about me are:
(This is Shauna in the green, I'll be adding my two cents!!)

1. My favorite chocolate combination is chocolate orange. Love it! I'm actually not a huge chocolate eater, but all self control is out the window as soon as I see one of these things.--->
Mmm!  Or Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks!!!  I wouldn't say no to anyone who wanted to send me some!!!

2. Two fabulous books that I've recently read are Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.  I get all of my good book recommendations from my sister with the wonderful taste in literature!  These are both on my to-read list...

3. I love the spring! I saw a few crocuses and jonquils yesterday and did a happy dance.
There are hyacinths in my yard!!!  (thanks to previous owners!)

4. For years and years I hated french fries and Oreo cookies (I know, how very un-American of me!) When I was dating my husband, he reintroduced me to these tasty treats. Now, to the chagrin of my arteries, I really enjoy them.  I had the same experience with peanut butter sandwiches and my hubby!

5. I am a plant killer. Maybe I just haven't figured out how to make things grow in the arid climate that I now live in. I have successfully managed to murder 10 plants in the past year. It's gotten so bad that when I start to browse down the garden aisles at the hardware store, the pansies lift up their leaves and run away screaming.  My plants don't die... they are silk!  Actually, I had one I loved a lot, but didn't think I was up to holding it on my lap for a 10 hour drive to move it with me!

6. I am making enchiladas for dinner tonight. My daughter calls them chechichatas. They are her favorite food. I like them because they are easy to make!  OK, Kayla is a stinkin' good cook!  That gene totally missed me.  Well, I suppose I can if I really try... the problem is I don't like trying!

7. I had an ugly/gawky phase that lasted from second grade all the way until my sophomore year in high school. I knew I was an uber dork, but I didn't care, I was just happy being me! I guess some things never change. :)  Gawky & dorky, yes.  Ugly, NO!!  And your craziness made up for the rest and everyone loved you!

Seven things about Shauna are:

1. She looks good in psycho tights. I'm pretty sure her favorite pair are orange.  Yep!  I'll be the crazy one in tights when I'm 80... can't wait to see that, can you!?!

2. She has made 5? lovely wedding cakes over the years. I like to cook, but I'm not much of a baker. Shauna's cakes are one of my favorite things to eat!  Thanks Kake!  I have fun with cakes... this one wasn't a wedding cake, but it was my very favorite one ever... and it was for myself! 

3. When Shauna was little she was scared of everything. The Care Bear movie freaked her out to the point that, as a 3 yr. old, I had to hold her hand to go turn on our bedroom light.  Well, I was thinking to myself, "Wow!  I sound kinda cool!"  Up until this one!!!  ...So Kayla, should I share the "river" story???  ;)

4. Her most famous solo performing moment was as the screamer in the Jaw's Theme Song that her band played in high school.

5. As a teenager, she hated lending her clothes to me because she was very neat and tidy. To this day, I still manage to get more food on my shirt than I get in my mouth. 

6. She's still bitter that one of her favorite earrings was lost at the hospital after she got in a car accident. I think that happened 15 or 16 years ago.  Not just that time... every time I have a "favorite pair" I lose one!!!  It would be better if I lost both so I didn't have the constant reminder of my loss!

7. Her most embarrassing moment was when she was laughing at a joke that some cute guy was telling and farted out loud... oh wait, that was me. Okay, it was when she slipped on a napkin and fell on her butt in front of the whole lunchroom... wait, still me. Maybe when she ran into a pole that one time... wait, me again. Hmm... or the time when she got a black eye while dancing... shoot, they're all me!!! Shauna is very graceful and a delightful sister!  Hahahaha!  Doesn't she make you laugh!  I'm so lucky that I've been entertained by her for decades!!!  And thank you Kayla. for that nice compliment!  My embarrassing stories are just that... embarrassing -- and never funny.  Maybe its just that I don't have that gift of storytelling that Kayla does!  Speaking of which, she used to make up great stories when she was little.  She almost had my aunt convinced that my family owned a goat to eat the grass and chickens that my mom had to catch and roast for dinner!  (I think she was about 4 at the time!)  She's now turned this gift into a job!  (See here)   

We tag:
Jennie Elyse
Jennifer O.

Wednesday, March 24


So, what do you say when you have nothing to say??  I generally don't run out of words... just ideas.  So my mouth keeps blabbing on and on and on, and nothing real is coming out?  You see what I mean?  Nothing!  But the words won't stop.  Pity my husband... it's the very worst at night when I am supposed to be getting into bed and sleep is supposed to be coming, but the words, they just won't stop!  It's not like I'm silent the rest of the day and haven't reached my word quota.  I talk to Kayla, I talk to Mom, I talk to myself, I talk to my kids, I talk to the neighbors!  Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

Make it stop!!!

Monday, March 22

Emerging from the Dark Ages...

Over the past week or so, I've come to realize that my life doesn't function properly without a computer. Here's how my days have gone lately.

It's morning and I need to get the housework done. I to listen to music to keep me moving and energetic. Where's my music? On the computer. Oh look, it's time to pay bills. How do I do that? Yep, on the computer. I need to find some pictures to send to someone. Oh, those are on the computer, too! I need to send Kid A's teacher a message. Gr. Stupid broken computer. It's time to cook dinner. ARG! All my recipes are stored on the computer! By this point I'm cranky and all I want to do is relax and watch my favorite TV shows... #@$*! I watch those on the computer because I'm still helping out with homework when they air!!

I think I've become a little too dependent on the magical electric box. Hopefully, I'll have a new one before the week is out. In the meantime, I'm grateful that my little sister is letting me borrow her old one.

What's something you can't live without?

Kid stories

We all know that kids are funny.  That's why we have them, right?  Entertainment! 

Here's my latest from my 3yo daughter:

She was overheard to say, "They kiss with their tongues."
My husband and I freaked out and were about to have a long talk with her, when a neighbor came to our rescue:
"CATS!! The cats! They're watching Aristocats!"
Phew! Yes, cats do kiss with their tongues!  We laughed for the next 5 minutes straight!

What are funny things you're kids have said?  Let's all have a good giggle on this Monday afternoon!

Tuesday, March 16

Apologizing for Kayla... she has a broken computer and is living in the stone ages with NO INTERNET!

Our sympathies...

All by myself!

As previously stated, I love projects!  I am a big DIYer.  Here are a few things that I always have on hand to get the job done... whatever that may be.

Sewing machine
Power Drill
Masking & Duct Tape
Crochet hooks (they come in handy a lot!)
Zip ties
Craft wire
Hot Glue gun
Hammer, screwdrivers, socket wrenches
Needle-nosed pliars
Heat 'n Bond (iron-on adhesive)
Cutco Scissors
Sharpie Markers
Blank note cards
Cheap fabric
Microsoft Publisher
...Just to name a few!!!

Here are some of the projects I've done in the last year that I'm most pleased with!
Replaced son's bike tire, crocheted TINY flowers, made an Olympic torch for son's bday, carved my own stamp, made cute headbands for my daughter and I, sewed two fabulous Halloween costumes!, made cute decorative pillows for my bed...

...and that doesn't include all the coat hooks installed, pictures hung, car headlights replaced, caulking of the bathtub, etc, etc!

Tell me about your favorite projects!  Or what do you have in the works?

Thursday, March 11

Where in the World...?

Kayla and I have moved a LOT. When we were kids our dad's job moved us around and around and around. (Though always in the continental U.S., so I guess my title is off...) The year that I was in Kindergarten, I went to three different schools... in three different states! Then in third grade -- Kayla's kindergarten year -- we went to three different schools again! So, my current totals are:
7 Elementary schools
1 Middle School
2 High schools
1 College
20 Homes/apartments/dorms
8 States

Our family had to change the old saying to "Bloom where you are transplanted." Every time we moved, there was something we didn't mind leaving and something that we would miss terribly (we always missed the people of course).

So, what's something you love about your current home? and what's something you could live without?

I love all of the fun free stuff there is to do with families here in Saint Louis, but the freezing cold winter we just endured drove me crazy!!! (any of you Northern types, don't laugh... I'm from Texas, it felt REALLY cold to me!)

Edited by Kayla to add:

My Totals:
5 Elementary Schools
3 Middle Schools
1 High School
4.5 Colleges
18 Homes/apartments/dorms
7 states

Wednesday, March 10


I am happy because...
1. It's finally getting warm outside!  ... 73 degrees!!!  (don't expect that to last!)

2. My daughter had preschool this morning so I got to do the grocery shopping kid-less!
3. My son is doing great in school... he's gotten greens for 3 straight weeks!
4. I exercised today
5. I gave myself a pedicure (I also did my finger nails, but since being a mommy doesn't always allow for sufficient drying time, it got all crapped up and I took it off 2 hours later!)
6. I happened upon a fabric store that was going out of business and only spent $25... but you'd be amazed at how much I got for that $25!!!

Unfortunately I'm not completely happy, here's why...
1. I procrastinated and missed out on the "Give a Day.  Get a Disney Day." promotion.
2. I have to clean my house... again.  I swear I just did it last week!
3. I'm hungry.

So, why are you happy or not?  Spill it!

Wednesday, March 3

But Wait! There's More!

Today's your lucky day folks, because we're throwing in, for your reading pleasure, a BONUS blogger for FREE! Yay! I'm finally joining the party! Here's a little bit about myself and my interests.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away a darling girl was born. Just kidding! Here's a quicker version:

1. I love pretty much any right-brained activity. Singing, acting, dancing, reading, writing, creating messes. Happily, my job as a storyteller at the local library encompasses all those things!

2. My friends frequently mock me for singing into their voice mail or dancing around, making my own sound effects, and using different voices when I talk. The sad part is that I don't even realize I'm doing it.

2. I have four kids ranging from 7.5 to 9 months. All but one are girls. The poor boy is frequently dragged into playing Fairy Tea Party or Hannah Montana. Luckily, he's a good sport, but he's always excited to do something ultra manly like taking out the garbage with daddy.

But that's not all folks!

3. She slices! She dices! I love to cook. I think it's fun to play with flavors to create something delicious. Although things don't always come out great... just ask my kids! Oh, and don't ask me to clean up after myself! (Ha! If I didn't clean it up then I'd live in a mountain of dishes!)

4. I have very little talent/patience for sewing. I used to work a swap with Shauna, she'd sew the costumes and I'd cook her dinner. It was a happy symbiotic relationship since she hates cooking!

5. I am a bookaholic. I can't handle being without something to read. If I have to, I will read cereal boxes and public safety posters. I get more worked up about visiting authors than about any actors or rock stars. Some of my all-time favorites include Jane Eyre, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Hunger Games, Beauty, Pride and Prejudice, The Lord of the Rings, Gone With the Wind, Rebecca, and lots more!

So, that's me! What about you?
Tell me 3 things that you like about yourself!

Getting to know Shauna...

This is just in case anybody wanted to know a little bit about me.  If you didn't want to know... well then, you're fired!

1.  I love projects.  I collect projects.  I don't always finish those projects.  But I sure have fun coming up with the ideas and buying all of the supplies! 

2.  I love good books.  And by 'good books' I don't mean classical literature, I just mean something that's funny or uplifting or original or riveting or well-written, or hopefully all of the above!

3.  I love cultures and their histories.  I am a Humanities nerd.  It was bred into me by my mother from a young age (we used to play the "Name that Column" game in D.C. when I was 11... can you tell the difference between a Doric, Ionic or Corinthian column?).  That was also my major in college -- after I tried on a few other majors and found them less than fascinating.

4.  I love a little spazziness!  It's just fun to be a little odd sometimes!  To go along with that, I still love to dress up in costumes -- 31 and I haven't missed a Halloween yet!

5.  I like fixing things.  But not dinner.

This is all I can come up with at the moment.  If I have any more sudden important realizations about myself, I'll let you know!

...OK, take it away Kayla!

Monday, March 1

In the beginning...

Once upon a time there was a 3 1/2 year old Shauna.  She was all alone.  And then... Kayla was born!!!  She was never alone again! 

Kayla and I are the chummiest of sisterly chums!  We've survived growing up together and managed to be great friends through (most of) our lives!  We have been blessed with many and varied talents.  Oddly enough, they are not the same talents.  We decided that if you rolled the two of us into one, you'd come up with just about the perfect woman... as long as you don't mind a bit of creative clutter!  For example, Kayla sings and cooks and tells wonderful stories while I sew and decorate cakes and hula hoop like a pro!  We do have some overlap, we are both face painters and avid readers!

We decided to start up this blog because we wanted to go public with some of our musings, but not with our families.  So here it is!  Hope you enjoy!