Wednesday, May 26

Monday, May 24

Cool Project!

So it's that time of year again.  You know the one I mean.  Yes, the END OF SCHOOL.  I don't know whether to be excited or terrified!  I've become very comfortable having my son in school and my daughter in preschool, and having a few quiet hours to myself (though often at the grocery store)!  However, there is so much to do here for FREE that I think we'll have a great time!  Back to the project...

Along with the end of school comes gifts for the teachers.  This year our budget was even tighter than in the past (yikes!) so, I was looking for ECONOMICAL (not cheap) gifts!  I found a website that makes really cute personalized teacher note pads... but $15 for one pad wasn't quite what I had in mind.  So I thought to myself "Hmmm, how hard can it be to make a notepad??"  I Googled that and the answer is "not very!"  So I did.

Paper Cutter
Binder Clips
Clamps & Blocks
Silicone Caulk
Rubber Cement
Hot Glue

Wow that list looks longer than it seemed.  Lots of this stuff I already had on hand.  I think I only bought the paper and the pens.  

You can spend a lot of money and buy the real padding compound to make your pad, or you can follow Skip To My Lou's advice as I did and just use caulk.  I already had some thanks to a leaky shower.  (I also looked to Chica and Jo and EDPS for info on the process.)  I used Microsoft Publisher (my favorite!) to design the personalized bit and printed them 3 to a page.  Next you slice and stack with the cardboard (I used the cardboard that came in my pack of paper).  Then you do the silicone thing.  I stacked all of my stacks together and siliconed them at the same time.  Once they were all dried, I just pulled them apart carefully like you would peel a sheet off the pad.  I glued a small rectangle of cardstock to the back of the pad and added the ribbon to that.  I also used some cardstock to make the pen holder.  Voila!  Hopefully we'll have three happy teachers!  I'm happy because I spent less than $10 for all of them!  Yay!

Tuesday, May 18

Children's Book Festival

I work at an amazing library. We have tons of free programs that are offered throughout the year. One of these was the Children's Book Festival that just took place on Saturday. There were some amazing authors there including: Jennifer and Matt Holms (Babymouse series), Shannon Hale (Princess Academy, Books of Bayern) Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn trilogy, Elantris) Emily Wing Smith (The Way He Lived), Rick Walton, and many more!

As a member of the library staff I had to come dressed up as one of my favorite children's book character. So here's what I chose. Do you see the resemblance?

My only complaint about this event, is that since I was working, I was unable to attend any of the classes. So if you went will you please share you notes?

Thursday, May 13

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

I have one word for you.

This site is my brain away from home... or something like that. I have a terrible time keeping track of things on my own. Pretty much, if it doesn't get written down, it doesn't get remembered. I started my shelfari account two years ago and it has been a literary lifesaver.

I can easily organize all the books I've read, all the books I'm reading, and all the books I plan to read. It automatically suggests other books I might enjoy and gives me a place to connect with other bookaholics like myself. With a mere click of my mouse I have access to critics' reviews, friends' reviews, and synopses. I can have well thought out discussions and be inspired to read something I wouldn't normally try. (Play Book Tag is awesome!)

If you've never checked out this site go now. If you have and would like to be my friend leave me your screen name in a comment so I can add you!

Wednesday, May 12

Wordless Wednesday II

(Kid B... monkey see monkey do!)

Wednesday, May 5


So last night, my family and I were walking through Target when this atrocity caught my eye.  Whoa!!!  My husband was a few steps in front of me so I jogged up to him and asked him if he wanted to see the UGLIEST SHIRT EVER CREATED!!!!  He said yes, so I walked back to The Atrocity and held it up to myself.  Ryan was distracted by the kids for a second.  I was debating whether to make gagging noises when he looked or mime throwing up or something, but luckily I refrained.  Just as he looked at me another woman walked up to ADMIRE The Atrocity!!  She couldn't see my face and had her back was to Ryan.  Needless to say, we exchanged a few flabbergasted looks!  We decided that I just look SO GOOD that I turned that shirt into something glamorous!  OK, maybe not. 

But here's what another person thought of it... their review cracks me up!

Definitely Worth a Second Look 
I was going to skip this shirt. Saw it online and thought it looked cheap and not very pretty. Saw it in person and wasn't too impressed with it hanging on the rack. But something made me grab it and try it on and I was glad that I did! It's actually much prettier on than it looks on display or on the website! The material isn't the best (polyester), but the cut and details are what make this top worth trying on and wearing. The only thing majorly wrong with it (other than the material) is that the neckline doesn't drape as nicely as it probably should. Maybe if you play around with the tie a little, it'll lay a little bit nicer than the one I tried on off the rack. I'm also not sure it's really worth the pricetag ([price]), which made me put it back, but I'm having second thoughts and may end up either ordering it or going back to get it.

But seriously... tell me what you think of this shirt?  What does it bring to your mind?  Am I way out of the loop and this is what every chic female is wearing now? 

Saturday, May 1

Missing Kayla

Because of crazy schedules, crazy work, crazy kids and life in general, I haven't been able to talk to Kayla in a few days and I am going through withdrawals.  I guess it's a really good thing that I live in this Information Age when it is possible to talk ALL of the time!  (hmm, my husband might not think the same way!)  But, not that long ago, you had to WRITE LETTERS!  And then WAIT!  Sheesh.  I'm getting antsy just thinking about that.