Thursday, April 15

Random Fun-ness!

YES!!!  I have found a new way to waste time and money!!!  But it's sooooo cool!

Here it is... ZAZZLE!  They have a bunch of cool t-shirts and gifts and stuff that you can customize!!!  Here is my favorite...

SHOES!!!!!!  And, yes I DESIGNED THEM!!!!  (using this cute graphic that I found online... and I promise I'm not stealing the image because there is no way that I could afford these absolutely adorable shoes.  *sigh*)

But go ahead!  Have fun designing all kinds of stuff from shoes, mugs and t-shirts to invitations and postage stamps!

What would you customize?  and how?

(too bad I can't get a marketing fee or free products for this great plug for their company!!!)


Jenni Elyse said...

Those are way cute! So, what's the story with the owl? Obviously, you like them. Is there a special significance?

Shauna said...

Well, I tried to come up with some cool reason for the owls... failed. sorry.
I like birds! My favorites are ducks, quail, owls and other birds of prey (who would probably love to snack on my other two favorites!) I've been excited that everyone else has caught up with me on the owl thing...
Hey, maybe my love of owls stemmed from some really cool looking owls in our fairy tale book growing up!