Monday, April 4

Good friends, Good food, Good fooling the kids!

 Since our husbands weren't home, my friend Klixi and I decided to entertain ourselves!  She and her three kids came over for dinner on Friday.  Only, we had dessert first.  Isn't this cake lovely?  The kids thought it was OK.  But they REALLY loved their dinner!  Those veggies and potatoes were gone in an instant and they were BEGGING for more!  How do I do it you ask?  Easy!  It's all in the presentation. 

Ha!  Ha!  OK, the cake is really two layers of meatloaf frosted in instant mashed potatoes and garnished with cherry tomatoes. 

The dinner menu ...
Fish Sticks = sugar wafer cookies spread with PB or hot fudge and rolled in Wheaties
Peas & Carrots = green Skittles, Laffy Taffy & Airheads rolled into balls, and orange Starbursts cut into squares
Mashed Potates & Gravy = vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce

We also added to the hilarity with solidified jello in the cups for the kids (so fun to watch them try to drink that!) and strawberry jelly disguised as ketchup!!!
And Klixi brought me this lovely bouquet for the table!

Thanks go out to Toni Peterson who first showed me the meatloaf cake idea and Disney's Family Fun site for the dinner/dessert idea!


Jenni Elyse said...

That's a way fun idea! I might have to try it with my husband. He may actually eat is veggies. :)

Rachel said...

Wow, Shauna! Your meatloaf cake turned out way better than mine (the frosting, I mean). Jesse was still impressed though. :) Thanks again for the idea. Maybe next time I will have to buy a bigger frosting tip.