Wednesday, May 5


So last night, my family and I were walking through Target when this atrocity caught my eye.  Whoa!!!  My husband was a few steps in front of me so I jogged up to him and asked him if he wanted to see the UGLIEST SHIRT EVER CREATED!!!!  He said yes, so I walked back to The Atrocity and held it up to myself.  Ryan was distracted by the kids for a second.  I was debating whether to make gagging noises when he looked or mime throwing up or something, but luckily I refrained.  Just as he looked at me another woman walked up to ADMIRE The Atrocity!!  She couldn't see my face and had her back was to Ryan.  Needless to say, we exchanged a few flabbergasted looks!  We decided that I just look SO GOOD that I turned that shirt into something glamorous!  OK, maybe not. 

But here's what another person thought of it... their review cracks me up!

Definitely Worth a Second Look 
I was going to skip this shirt. Saw it online and thought it looked cheap and not very pretty. Saw it in person and wasn't too impressed with it hanging on the rack. But something made me grab it and try it on and I was glad that I did! It's actually much prettier on than it looks on display or on the website! The material isn't the best (polyester), but the cut and details are what make this top worth trying on and wearing. The only thing majorly wrong with it (other than the material) is that the neckline doesn't drape as nicely as it probably should. Maybe if you play around with the tie a little, it'll lay a little bit nicer than the one I tried on off the rack. I'm also not sure it's really worth the pricetag ([price]), which made me put it back, but I'm having second thoughts and may end up either ordering it or going back to get it.

But seriously... tell me what you think of this shirt?  What does it bring to your mind?  Am I way out of the loop and this is what every chic female is wearing now? 


Shauna said...

Sorry in advance to any of you fashionistas out there who have already bought and love this shirt! No offense is meant!

Jenni Elyse said...

I think it's hideous; no other word to describe it. I'm all for fashionable shirts, even though I don't wear them often, but some things are not meant to be worn.

Natalie said...

Sometimes I look at shirts and think "If that's supposed to be fashionable, then I don't WANT to be fashionable!" This is a great example. :)

Bre said...

"I was shopping at a department store when a salesperson assisting me picked up this hideous dress and said 'This looks better on.' ...On what? On FIRE?"

-A friend's favorite saying of the week two or three...maybe even four years ago.