Thursday, March 11

Where in the World...?

Kayla and I have moved a LOT. When we were kids our dad's job moved us around and around and around. (Though always in the continental U.S., so I guess my title is off...) The year that I was in Kindergarten, I went to three different schools... in three different states! Then in third grade -- Kayla's kindergarten year -- we went to three different schools again! So, my current totals are:
7 Elementary schools
1 Middle School
2 High schools
1 College
20 Homes/apartments/dorms
8 States

Our family had to change the old saying to "Bloom where you are transplanted." Every time we moved, there was something we didn't mind leaving and something that we would miss terribly (we always missed the people of course).

So, what's something you love about your current home? and what's something you could live without?

I love all of the fun free stuff there is to do with families here in Saint Louis, but the freezing cold winter we just endured drove me crazy!!! (any of you Northern types, don't laugh... I'm from Texas, it felt REALLY cold to me!)

Edited by Kayla to add:

My Totals:
5 Elementary Schools
3 Middle Schools
1 High School
4.5 Colleges
18 Homes/apartments/dorms
7 states


JLCole said...

Off the top of my head, I can count 12 schools I went to from K-graduation. That's not a record, but it was enough to turn me into a very rooted object as an adult raising my own family (hence the 27.5 years in Flower Mound)...

Jenni Elyse said...

I moved around a lot too, but I stayed in Utah for the most part. For a short stint, I did live in Illinois.

Here are my stats:
3 elem schools
3 middle schools
1 high school
3 colleges
11 moves before I was married
11 moves since I've been married

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

What I love about my current home is the basics. This is the first place we've lived that had a dishwasher, a washer/dryer hook up, a yard, a driveway, a second bathroom.

Something I could live without. A yard without a fence. I want a fence so badly.

My stats
2 elem schools
2 middle schools
1 high school
1 college
6 places before I was married (including going to college) 2 states
4 places after married 1 state

Shauna said...

I love that we are not in an apartment any more! There is really something to be said for not sharing walls with strangers! Our yard doesn't have a fence either, but really not many of the houses around here do. The kids just run all over the neighborhood. But that is something that I will expect of my subsequent homes! This house was built in 1952ish and has a lot of little quirks (like doors that won't close and the upstairs shower that my son didn't get sealed shut and the water poured through the floorboards into my spice cabinet in the kitchen!!!)