Wednesday, March 10


I am happy because...
1. It's finally getting warm outside!  ... 73 degrees!!!  (don't expect that to last!)

2. My daughter had preschool this morning so I got to do the grocery shopping kid-less!
3. My son is doing great in school... he's gotten greens for 3 straight weeks!
4. I exercised today
5. I gave myself a pedicure (I also did my finger nails, but since being a mommy doesn't always allow for sufficient drying time, it got all crapped up and I took it off 2 hours later!)
6. I happened upon a fabric store that was going out of business and only spent $25... but you'd be amazed at how much I got for that $25!!!

Unfortunately I'm not completely happy, here's why...
1. I procrastinated and missed out on the "Give a Day.  Get a Disney Day." promotion.
2. I have to clean my house... again.  I swear I just did it last week!
3. I'm hungry.

So, why are you happy or not?  Spill it!

1 comment:

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

I didnt realize they were limiting the give a day thing. I guess it makes sense though.

You gotta take a picture of the loot you scored at the fabric store. I told my mom I need to go apply there so I can get the discount for all the fun projects I want to start.