Tuesday, March 16

All by myself!

As previously stated, I love projects!  I am a big DIYer.  Here are a few things that I always have on hand to get the job done... whatever that may be.

Sewing machine
Power Drill
Masking & Duct Tape
Crochet hooks (they come in handy a lot!)
Zip ties
Craft wire
Hot Glue gun
Hammer, screwdrivers, socket wrenches
Needle-nosed pliars
Heat 'n Bond (iron-on adhesive)
Cutco Scissors
Sharpie Markers
Blank note cards
Cheap fabric
Microsoft Publisher
...Just to name a few!!!

Here are some of the projects I've done in the last year that I'm most pleased with!
Replaced son's bike tire, crocheted TINY flowers, made an Olympic torch for son's bday, carved my own stamp, made cute headbands for my daughter and I, sewed two fabulous Halloween costumes!, made cute decorative pillows for my bed...

...and that doesn't include all the coat hooks installed, pictures hung, car headlights replaced, caulking of the bathtub, etc, etc!

Tell me about your favorite projects!  Or what do you have in the works?


Jenni Elyse said...

I used to do a lot of projects, but now that I'm back in school that's all stopped. However, last year, I made three amigurumi cats (crocheted cats) for my nieces. I would've done more, but I was reading too much, lol.

Kayla said...

I loved your amigurumi cats! They were adorable!

Shauna said...

Jenni, I've often looked at those amigurumi patterns and been totally daunted... Good job!!!

Susan P. said...

Shauna, you should post your dragon and topsy turvy cakes as well!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

You are a fix it girl!

I have a two blankets in the works and I just finished 2 playhouses, with two more of those in the works.

I also need to replace my daughters bike tire now that it's warm enough to ride.

Shauna said...

Those playhouses are the coolest ever Debbie! The bike tire was not my favorite project... the guy on YouTube made it look SOOOO easy! Yeah, not! But it was helpful to see how it was done, I just had to use a lot more muscle and a neighbor to steady the bike and a lot of tools to get the wheel off and a lot of thinking and puzzling to get it back on... and and and yeah.

But, Ryan's so dang busy I knew the poor boy wouldn't be riding if I didn't do it! Go Me!